After a full remodel of their home, these clients wanted fresh decor to compliment their new space. But after trying to design it themselves, they found the look was never quite what they hoped. Color, scale, and proportion are the design ingredients that make or break a space. They can either act as culprits for a design that doesn’t fit or create a well-balanced, curated home. Once we got the call to step into this project, that’s where we began. We pulled current fabrics that would compliment the tones found in their living room rug, the only piece of decor they wanted to keep. Drawn to a more traditional style, rich woods, and neutral hues were the key to the surrounding furniture, while pops of blue tie the rug, art, and accessories together. These details combined with a balanced proportion and scale finally gave these clients a home that truly fit their vision.

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While the rest of the house needed to be durable and fit for the whole family, their master bedroom needed to be a place of relaxation and rest—a getaway with something special. Keeping the colors light and the decor bright and airy, we gave them a room that acts as a retreat for just the two of them.

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We love that we got to bring these clients vision to life and made their house into a true home. Thanks for reading!



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