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It’s not everyday that you find a quaint farmhouse in the middle of the San Diego hustle and bustle, but this gem was a diamond in the rough that we could not wait to get our hands on. When our client approached us about designing their home, the property had just been purchased and was ready to have it’s true potential realized. They were on a timeline, as their lovely niece was to be married by the waterhole midsummer (yes… this adorable farmhouse also has its own watering hole) so we dove right in. We first talked wall color, finishes and the kitchen, but it wasn’t long before the interior began coming together.

Bright white alongside a rich navy was the obvious favorite when talking colors. We brought in black to create a little more depth to the color pallet. Pops of green were added through the placement of pathos and boxwoods. The original brick walls were left untouched throughout the home allowing them to really shine. Too often these gems are lost in remodels but we wanted to honor their original state as best we could. We love the rugged, honest appearance they give the space.

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