On the idyllic hillside of Catalina Island is this adorable condo in the community of Hamilton Cove. The white stucco, stacked on the coastline is very reminiscent of the Greek hillsides of Santorini. The home’s exposed dark wood beams and bright white walls welcomed our deep navy and rich cranberry color pallet of Old California style. The clients’ wanted a homey yet upscale feel where guests would feel at peace and able to breath easier.

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We made the four-poster bed the focus of the master suite. Draped with a light gauzy fabric to catch the breeze, guest will immediately feel on vacation. A small seating area was created just beyond the room’s double doors to gives guests an area to enjoy the warm sun.


Each guest room is cozy yet unique. Warm walls and a comfy upholstered bed make the first room so inviting. Soft floral pillows pop against the white bedding. The second guest room boasts dark navy walls softened by the canopy behind the bed and bright white bedding.


This lovely escape is available for rent! Click here for more information!

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