Can you believe 2018 is over? It went by way too fast! But, I have to say, it was a great year of design, so I thought it would be fun to look back at some of our favorites projects of 2018. Of course, we love all the designs we get to be a part of, so while it was definitely hard to choose, we narrowed it down to five–all of them different and special in their own way!

Elegant Coastal

First up is a home with a coastal resort style that we love. With such cavernous rooms, it meant finding sizable furniture and impeccable coastal accessories to make it feel inviting and fully finished. One of the reasons this home made our favorites list is because it went from open and empty to completely welcoming and elegant. We were grateful to be a part of the transformation and watch as these clients made this house their home! To check out the whole project click HERE.


More than a Pretty Pool House

If you like luxury design, then this next favorite might be yours too! These clients began with a brilliant vision of ornate tile, marble counters, and gold fixtures, and together we put a bow on the design by adding custom furniture, charming accessories, and finishing touches. The final result is a space that exudes beautiful design and excellent functionality–a perfect balance in our book. This project was all about bringing family and friends together, which made it more than just a lux design but an ideal place for loved ones to gather. You can see the whole project HERE.


Not Your Mama’s Southwest Style

So, we know this next style isn’t for everyone, but that’s partly why we love it so much. Southwest design gets a bad rap. But, this isn’t your mama’s Southwest style from the 80’s…you won’t find any peach or turquoise here. No, this design incorporates the beauty of the Southwest desert through warm and cool earth tones along with carefully curated antique details. The result is something similar to the desert: colorful, textured, and the perfect home to those who appreciate a different kind of beauty. You can check out the whole project HERE.


A Bright and Airy Update

Talk about a transformation! This design started out as a fully wood paneled room straight out of the 70’s. The room had great features like the wood beams, fireplace, and french doors, but with so much orange-stained wood, the space wasn’t inviting and all of those special features just blended in. We decided that instead of preserving the entire room, it would suit the clients and the space better to highlight the best features and bring the rest up to date. So, with lots of creamy white paint, natural colors and textures, along with fresh greenery, we brightened it up and created a space with timeless coastal charm. With such a dramatic change, it immediately became a favorite. You can check out the whole project HERE.


Modern Hawaiian Remodel

Our final favorite is a master bedroom and bathroom remodel that exudes serenity and relaxation. We worked to bring a spa-like feel into the bathroom while carrying over a modern Hawaiian style into the bedroom. The end result makes you feel as if you’re on a tropical vacation–which is okay with us and our clients! In fact, the reason this project became such a favorite is due to the fact that the final design was a beautiful, stress-free master getaway. You can check out the whole project HERE.

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That completes our favorites list for 2018, however, we are truly grateful to all of our clients for allowing us to design their homes and spaces. It’s a joy and honor to work with all of them! Thanks for reading!