Mid-Century Restored

Sometimes the houses that have something unique to offer are the ones with a bit of history behind them. So, when our client had the opportunity to restore his childhood home he took it, ready to create new memories within an updated design. While some houses allow you to fill them with the style of your choice, others dictate the feel that fits best. When i[...]

Friday Favorites

Somehow this Friday Favorites is all about warm weather wear and a tropical paradise. After a couple of chilly weeks in California, it just goes to show where my heart is—I’m ready for breezy, warm days! Keep reading to see some summery faves... The Sundress Living in San Diego, we see sunshine most of the year, and that means flip-flops and sundresses. You’[...]

More Than Just a Pretty Pool House

When you live in California, sunny days and poolside weather shine down on us most of the year. So, why not take advantage of the easy breezy sunshine with a backyard haven? This next client did just that with a pretty pool house that dazzles. Of course, this poolside bungalow is more than just a lovely space--our clients wanted something that brought their [...]

Friday Favorites

It’s that time again—Friday Favorites are here! I thought I’d share something close to my heart as a homemaker and an interior designer...ambiance! Whether I’m revealing a design to a client for the first time or walking into my own home after a day of work, the lighting, the scent, and the sounds can make all the difference. So, without further ado... here [...]

Friday Favorites

One of my favorite things about friendship is sharing--swapping recipes, telling each other about a good sale, even sharing product reviews. I like to think that those of you who take the time to visit this blog are a part of a community and that makes us friends! So as friends of mine, I'd like to begin sharing with you some of the things I love as a design[...]

Time to Hit Refresh!

It's that time again--when we say good-bye to one year and embrace the new.  We begin to take stock of 2017, the good and the bad, learning from mistakes and celebrating the wonderful changes. Come January 1st, a lot of us will be pressing the "refresh" button on our lives--but what about pressing refresh on our homes? After all, it is the place where all th[...]

​Cozy Contemporary

When a client comes to me and presents their dream home, I love to see that dream through...especially if there's a bit of a challenge. And, this next home, definitely had its challenges! We needed to take a significant space with cool colors, such as gray and dark wood, and warm the whole look up. This couple wanted a house that was modern and cohesive, yet[...]

Traditional with a Coastal Flair

When the builders of this San Diego home reached out to us for design help with the bones of this house, we had no idea we would see it through from the ground all the way up! But, as we picked out flooring and paint colors, the buyers loved our choices so much, they wanted us to keep going with the design process--which, of course, we were happy to do! Havi[...]

Three Ways to Use Garland

  Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year--the 2017 holidays are barreling toward us! Of course, that means getting our homes ready for delicious turkey dinners and cheery yule tidings. Maybe it's little too early for a Christmas tree (or is it?), but we can still bring a little holiday cheer in this November by starting with a bit of garland. Mix it wit[...]

A Motorhome Makeover

At Kathy Ann Abell Interiors, we are in the business of making houses into homes. But, we also know that the term "home" can be relative. Sometimes it can mean a loved-one, the town where we grew up, or it can have a steering wheel and four tires. Well, after designing their Tahoe, San Diego, and Arizona homes, these clients decided their home-on-wheels need[...]