A Freshly Picked Laundry Room

When it comes to designing smaller rooms, I have a theory—the tinier the space, the more fun to be had. And that theory holds true in one of my latest home projects...our laundry room! When we built our house thirty years ago, I wanted my laundry room to be a part of my living space—close to the kitchen and easy to access. But, being so visible, I’ve wanted [...]

The Backyard Blog

Happy June! Even though we still have 21 days until summer officially begins, it feels like it's already here. Eating dinner on the veranda, having a pool party, entertaining friends--this is the season to make the backyard a useful space. So, we've put together some of our backyard designs (and tips) for inspiration! S'more Summer Nights This backyard belon[...]

Coastal Design Done Right

As a design firm located in a beach town, we end up doing a lot of coastal design. Bringing a bit of the seaside into a home can mean elegance and relaxation, but it can also turn into a conglomerate of mismatched bobbles and rustic signs, which doesn’t always evoke that serene seashore feel. Coastal design should be light, airy, and bring in a sense of sere[...]

The Three Most Common DIY Design Mistakes

After 18 years of design experience, our team knows what to do when it comes to making a house into a home...but, that also means we know what NOT to do. Sometimes we get called into a project after a client realizes they might just be in over their head. They’ve put in time, sweat, and money only to find themselves frustrated and disappointed with their DIY[...]

Sprucing Up for Spring

Blooming flowers, breezy afternoons, buzzing bees—spring is here! And, with it comes the urge to do a little cleaning, get rid of the dust and let the sunshine in. After beating the rugs and scrubbing the baseboards, you might be thinking your space needs a little sprucing—so here are a few simple ways to add a bit of spring to your home. Replace Those Tired[...]

Elegant Coastal

Whenever we receive a new project that begins with an empty house, it gives us the opportunity to really envision a design that’s fresh and new. With so much open space, this next project definitely enabled us to dream a little! These clients asked for a coastal style and, while most people might picture a beachside cottage, we envisioned an elegant resort-l[...]

Mid-Century Restored

Sometimes the houses that have something unique to offer are the ones with a bit of history behind them. So, when our client had the opportunity to restore his childhood home he took it, ready to create new memories within an updated design. While some houses allow you to fill them with the style of your choice, others dictate the feel that fits best. When i[...]

Friday Favorites

Somehow this Friday Favorites is all about warm weather wear and a tropical paradise. After a couple of chilly weeks in California, it just goes to show where my heart is—I’m ready for breezy, warm days! Keep reading to see some summery faves... The Sundress Living in San Diego, we see sunshine most of the year, and that means flip-flops and sundresses. You’[...]

More Than Just a Pretty Pool House

When you live in California, sunny days and poolside weather shine down on us most of the year. So, why not take advantage of the easy breezy sunshine with a backyard haven? This next client did just that with a pretty pool house that dazzles. Of course, this poolside bungalow is more than just a lovely space--our clients wanted something that brought their [...]

Friday Favorites

It’s that time again—Friday Favorites are here! I thought I’d share something close to my heart as a homemaker and an interior designer...ambiance! Whether I’m revealing a design to a client for the first time or walking into my own home after a day of work, the lighting, the scent, and the sounds can make all the difference. So, without further ado... here [...]