Meet Kathy


My home is special to me. We designed and built this house from the ground up. Now everything has grown around us including our three boys. I started my interior design firm 16 years ago. I set up shop in the little area under my stairs with a desk and some fabric books. Then I took over the dining room and living room, setting up my desk in one and my showroom in the other. When I started spilling out into the kitchen, my husband gave up the back house and made it my studio.

My husband, my boys, their wives and children, along with the rest of my family and friends bring so much purpose and excitement to my life. We built this home with the intention of opening our doors and sharing it with everyone we love. A place that creates conversation where people feel relaxed and comfy. It’s why I love to design.

When people say to me, “for the first time in twenty years, my house is now my home,”  it’s the best compliment in the world. Or when I get emails saying, “our family spends more time together because we have a comfortable place to be,”  I feel as though I’m doing exactly what I was made to do.

I would like the words above to be yours. It’s important that you feel comfortable and proud in your home. I would love to create a cozy place for you to dwell with your loved ones. 

Kathy Ann Abell Interiors | Philosophy from Kathy Abell on Vimeo.